Burrito Bison 2

Plays: 1695 times.

Description: For those of you that haven't got the chance to play Burrito Bison 2 until now, let me warn you that this particular game will get you addicted instantly. It might not seem such a big thing launching a crazy wrestler with a ring type slingshot in order to squash as many gummy bears as possible, yet once you start playing you will be craving for more. There are 120 mission to complete before reaching the end so no chance to get bored while playing this title. Just as in real life you need money to progress through so make sure to spend them wise in order to buy the need upgrades or to get yourself a small vacation from completing some of the missions.
Click at the right moment in order to get yourself propelled.
Use mouse or Spacebar while in the air in order to increase your smashing force.

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