Crazy running hd

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Description: Crazy running hd game is one of the best looking titles in his category that I came across lately while playing online. Even though it's just a common 2D platform level based adventure the vivid colors and the astonishing graphics as well as character multiple transformations make this one of my favorite games. The goal is actually simple as you need to guide the young boy to complete a series of 12 levels while jumping over suspended platforms and avoid getting stopped by enemies. In this runaway course your character is able to collect many gems for scoring higher and a lot of bonus items either such as a magnet that will attract all the available gems towards you, a rocket that can be used to fly instead of normal running, an invincibility option that will enable you to walk straight into your enemies, walls and such, an increased speed and more, yet I will not spoil all the fun and let you discover it for yourself.
Instructions: Up arrow key to jump.

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